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I had met a previous florist/stylist back in November. But having read some forums and reviews, I realized that the quoted price for our wedding reception was a little bit too expensive. So I decided to inquire with another florist. I read about Ysabela Florists from a thread in Girl Talk and viewed their photos online. I added them in Facebook and after they approved my friend request, they immediately messaged me and I was able to inquire with them at once.

I received their email this morning, with design proposal for our wedding theme. The props, flowers, leaves, and design they proposed were all okay, but the theme they mentioned was wrong. I remember clearly I mentioned that we wanted to have a spring themed wedding, but they mentioned in their proposal an autumn themed wedding. Orange was in the color scheme, but I replied to their email correcting them that we want more pink, and yellow.. No reds and dark shades. They replied okay and we talked about when we can meet to discuss further.. I told them we could meet them by end of March.

Ysabela Florists are INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo) followers. It was fiancee’s concern whether they have had an experience with a Catholic wedding before and if it’s not an issue with the religion. I asked them about this, but they didn’t answer. So I asked in forum I was reading about it, and one Girl Talk sister said she was a client and they were Catholic. So I figured, it was not an issue then. πŸ™‚ I hope to meet with them soon, and I hope all will go well with them. In case we agree, it is most probably that we might get them instead of the other supplier.

I haven’t told our coordinator about my inquiry with Ysabela Florists, I’ll probably mention it some other time since she hasn’t even bothered to email me her updates as she promised 2 months ago. I appreciate that she speaks to me over Yahoo Messenger once in a while.. But I’m still waiting for her compiled updates from our meeting back in November.


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  1. celyn madridano says:

    I happen to meet the owner and she’s so professional in fact. maybe you just have to be more patient since I know they are not the just fly by night suppliers.
    Best Wishes in advance πŸ™‚

    • Riv says:

      hi ms. celyn, we’ve met them as well and they are very kind and professional. πŸ™‚ thank you for your comment πŸ™‚ God bless!

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