DIY Reference Links :)

I have posted a few of my DIY projects, and I realized I forgot to post the reference links for which I get the ideas.. So I decided to make a separate post for all the links I’ve used as reference so far and as I continue to do other DIYs, I promise to remember to include the link. PROMISE! 😀

I’ve posted a sample of the rick rack flower in my previous post, that I plan to use for the boutonnieres. Here’s where I got the idea:

Rick Rack Ribbon Flower

I also posted in the same entry a fluffy looking flower, and here’s where I got the idea:

Anthropologie-Style Fabric Flower

And here’s also another instruction for the same flower style:

Anthropologie Flower

As for my planned entourage flowers:

Fabric Flowers

As for my felt fabric flowers, here’s basically where I got the idea from:

Felt Fabric Flowers (I sooooo love this blog! Kudos to the rebellious brides! :D)

Here’s another sample pic for the felt fabric flower.

Whew! I have some more links, but basically these are the initial sites that gave me the inspiration to do some DIY flowers. Hope these links can future brides who are interested to do DIYs. Good luck! 🙂


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