Pretty Little Doilies! ♥

A couple of weeks ago, as I was browsing through different websites (I think a fellow 2012 bride from Girl Talk posted a websites on our Facebook group page which led me to this other website and so on..) for DIY wedding projects, I found this one about using doilies in so many wonderful ways. I didn’t really know what these things were called until I saw in on the website. :p

I particularly loved the one where the doily was used as a card stock envelope. I wanted to try and do a sample print size of the invitation layout I created, and see whether I can use doilies as envelopes. The first challenge was to find doilies. Whenever I get the chance to check out possible shops that I think might have doilies, I go and ask my mom if we could pass by cause I want to check out something. I saw oval shaped doilies, but I was looking for round ones as per the website. When I finally found round doilies, the next challenge was to get the right size of doilies. There were a lot of doilies, but most of them were medium sized or small coaster size. Medium size was too small for a proper invitation sized card. I struggled to find the bigger size, like almost the size of a dinner plate. I finally found 2 and decided to buy them immediately. I just couldn’t bear the thought of not buying it then and there. If I struggled that much to find those big ones, I’m pretty sure it would take more effort to find them again. I also decided to get 2 20-piece packs of small coaster size doilies for experiment.

A week after buying the doilies, I only had the chance to experiment with them last night. I didn’t have a sample print for our invitations yet, so I haven’t tried using the big doilies as envelopes. As for the small ones, I thought of dying them with our color motif. We went to the hypermarket and I remembered that I needed to buy paint. And since my Dad took the car and ran away to have a drink fest with his office buds, I stayed at home and decided to try out what I had in mind.

Here are the materials I used:

– Acrylic/Watercolor paint (to color the doilies with)

– Water (to dilute the paint, if you would like)

– Doilies (size may vary depending on your judgement)

– Tissue (to wipe excess paint, wet hands, etc)

– Paintbrush (or an old wooden cuticle pusher, just cause I didn’t have paintbrush)

– Plastic plate (where you can soak the doilies in)

– Styro plate (which I used to dry the doilies)

– Plastic cups (where I transferred the excess paint/mixture in)

– Blower (just because I wanted them to dry quickly and see whether they looked okay or not)

– Newspaper (to act as a placemat on the floor)

My colored doilies ♥

The picture above are the finished product. 🙂

Here’s what I did:

I put some water in the plastic plate, took one color, poured some on the plate and used an old wooden cuticle pusher to dilute the color.

I then soak the doilies in the mixture, making sure that the entire doily is covered with the colored mixture.

I then take the styro plate and lay flat the soaked doily. I also used my fingers, by the way, just to remove the air beneath the doily and to spread the color some more. 🙂 I then take the blower to dry the doily. At first I used the hot blower, but then the center of the doily kinda crumpled when it dried, so I decided to alternate with the cold blower. I used the hot air to dry the excess water from the doily, and used the cold air to completely dry the doily.

Basically, that’s it! 🙂 Tried it with our color motif. 3 colors: pink, yellow and orange. 🙂

The white doily in the picture, of course is the original doily. the 3 on the left are the colored doilies I did. 🙂

Can you think of other creative ideas using doilies? Would love to hear them! 🙂

xoxo! ♥

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  1. kinski conchada says:

    Hi Good day, do you sell paper doilies?

    • v7a6uv says:

      Hi Kinski, unfortunately no, I don’t sell paper doilies. I just found them in some shop here and decided to use them. 🙂

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