DIY Boutonniere

I recently experimented with my artificial mini flowers, beads, floral wire, doily and floral tape. Not to mention my glue gun, pliers, wire cutter, and scissors. There. I just mentioned the things I used for this next DIY. I haven’t documented the steps, and I still plan to make some improvements. So let me just show what I came up with.


This, I can call as a prototype. I haven’t wrapped the wire with floral tape yet in this picture. But I think it’s cute, my mom think it’s cute and so does my Lovey. 🙂 I’m planning to add feathers or tulle material to it. And probably experiment more with colors and stuff. Hopefully, I get the time to create and finalize my boutonnieres, so that it can get checked on our checklist.

xoxo ♥

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