1st Stop – Dxb (Part 1)

Aaand.. I’m back. I’ve been out of touch for 3 weeks now. In that 3 weeks, I’ve been in 3 countries and I’ve tons to tell! Hahaha! So much to tell that I don’t know where to start! :p I can say this would be the most productive 3 weeks vacation I’ve had. And I’m happy that it is!

Let me try to start the stories now.

My last entry was on March 6th. I left for Dubai on March 9th for my training. My training started on 11th till the 15th, and I took the time from 9th to 10th to get around the city for sometime. I was fetched from the airport my handsome cousins, Don and Philip, with May (Philip’s girlfriend). We went to Clover Creek Hotel to check me in and leave my stuff then off to Deira City Center for dinner. We decided to have dinner at T.G.I.F.

Cousins.. It runs in the family..

With the couple :)

By the time we finished, it was around 9PM. Philip and May decided to go home, and since I bought them some “drinks” (a.k.a. Jack Daniels and Jim Beam) they have to take it home to be safe. Don and I went to the grocery to buy me some food for breakfast and snacks. Then we headed for their home.

We decided to drink a few shots of JD and Pepsi (yes, not Coke) and play cards. Don and I couldn’t remember how to play the drinking game that we used to play with Laviel, so we decided to play Tong-its instead. Of course, I had the most wins, and Don was almost always the loser. Hahaha! Then we played Unggoy-Ungguyan, and this time I was almost always the loser. Hahaha! Had fun that night, reunited with my cousins. It was years since I last saw Philip, we rarely got together when I was still in college. Unlike Don, we get to go out once in a while with our other cousins even after graduating.

That huge tattoo on Don’s arm

Seriously playing

By the way, Philip and May are planning to get married as soon as their papers arrive in Dubai. They have to get married soon since they are living together and that might cause some issues with the law in Dubai. So just to be safe, they’ve decided to get married and they’ve already asked permission from their respective families. Happy for them! Can’t believe that 1 by 1, we are starting to settle down. We really are getting old.

The following day, I went to their apartment to have lunch and I went off to Dubai Mall to see the world famous Burj Khalifa – currently the highest building in the whole world. I wanted to go up the building, but it was so lonely since Don didn’t come with me (he had a date!) and I felt shy to ask Philip and May.

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