Artsy and Crafty Night

Today, I’m on a roll. I am so pumped up to do my DIYs. I found the perfect tutorial for DIY tissue pompoms on and Earlier, I had asked my dad to come with me to Jarir Bookstore coz I wanted to buy some crepe paper. I was thinking of using crepe paper for the pompoms instead of tissue paper because I thought when the tutorial said “tissue paper” it was THE tissue paper.. You know, like the ones used for wiping things. Hahaha! I thought it would be too expensive to buy colored tissue paper so I better use crepe paper. But when I got to the bookstore, I found a pack of colored “tissue”. At once, I got super excited! 😀 So I bought 1 pack of the bright colored tissue, 3 packs of yellow crepe paper, craft wire (thinner than the floral wire I was planning to use), and some other stuff. And while searching for tutorials on how to make paper pompoms, I stumbled upon a tutorial for crepe paper streamers. They looked so cool and colorful, I thought I could make some as well! 😀 I already bought pink crepe paper during lunch break (it was the only color available), so I was hoping to buy orange and  yellow at the bookstore. But there was no orange crepe paper, so I just took 3 packs of yellow ones. Amazingly, they also have the crepe paper rolls made specifically for streamers! 😀 I was so happy when I saw it, I got 1 pack as well! Hahaha! There are 6 colors in 1 pack, and luckily, orange was one of them! 😛

Anyways, I’ll try to document my DIYs for tonight and hopefully create an entry about them in the coming days. But for now, I have to end this here and start with my artsy and crafty night before my excitement goes away.


PS: During the last weekend, I was also able to create some bead stems for my DIY boutonnieres. Will share that as well in the coming days. My DIYs are starting to pile up, I have to get them done soon. 🙂

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