DIY Invitations

My DIY invitation

We finally have an invitation supplier: Global Invitations. Just a brief background, they were referred to us by our coordinator, Ms. Kredin of Events Engineers. I checked out their Facebook page and I liked their designs. Besides, Ms. Kredin told me they have the lowest price in the fair they attended. We’ve met them and settled the design that we wanted. Initially, we wanted to order 100 pcs. But thinking about it, we felt it was a little bit too much. It was also kinda pricey for invitations. So we decided to lessen the quantity to 50 pcs. which we will be giving to VIPs (principal sponsors, family, relatives, etc.). So the rest of the guests will be receiving the fruit of my labor. 🙂

A few months back, I’ve already created a layout of our invitation. But I wasn’t feeling confident about my design, so I decided not to continue with it. I also couldn’t find a good paper for printing and I thought the quality of my printer wasn’t enough. Until!… I decided to try and edit a few details and print it out on one of the paper I bought a month back. I did this all last night.. and voila! I created a perfect (well, for me it is. Hihi.) DIY invitation. 🙂

My DIY invitation

I’ve already shown this to Lav.. My officemate also saw this since I used the office precision cutter to cut it. Hihi. She said it’s good so I believe it is good enough. I’ve posted this as well in our Facebook group (GT 2012 Brides) and the ladies said it very much okay. 🙂 My Dad also liked it and said to give him copies of it to give to his colleagues. Hihi. Now I’m excited to mass produce my DIY invitations. I just need to think of the envelope and probably finalize the content, and we are good to go! 😀


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