DIY Crepe Paper Streamers

So I’m back. As per my previous post, I mentioned I was making crepe paper streamers. Just a quick background, as I was searching for some more DIYs online a few days ago, I stumbled upon this website showing steps how to make ruffled streamers. It looked sooo cute that I immediately got excited and bought some crepe paper during office lunch time. Hahaha! :p And since I had nothing to do today, I thought maybe it’s time to try and make some. 🙂 After lunch, I borrowed my Mom’s sewing machine, and figured my way with it. (I knew how to operate sewing machines in high school and I almost forgot about it.) Anyways, I really don’t need to tell you how to do it as you can read the method in the link above. It’s really easy, and personally, I enjoyed it very much. 🙂 So I’ll just share with you the photos I took and a short video of the sewing machine while I was stitching. Hihi! Enjoy! 🙂


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