I’m Officially A W@W-ie! :D

 The other day, I was able to chat with my online bride friend who was concerned about my rants in our FB page. She asked me if I was a W@W member and I told her that I’ve tried applying twice and nothing happened. She adviced to try and register another email address coz maybe there is something wrong with the one I used to apply for the membership. So I did. I checked the email I indicated to receive the updates and realized that I was using a Hotmail account. Since W@W is a YahooGroup, then probably that was the reason why my application never came through. So I applied again using my Yahoo account and immediately I received an email with the rules and form to be filled up. Yipee! I replied immediately, and yesterday, I have officially become a W@W member! I immediately BBM-ed my bride friend and told her that I am now a member and since yesterday, I have already started reading posts. Although it’s a little bit confusing for me since it’s a completely different interface from Female Network’s Girl Talk, I find the posts very helpful.

By the way, my bride friend also has a blog of her own. You should check it out.


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