Makeshift Planter Box

Today, I had the chance to have the entire day making DIY stuff. I forgot where I got the idea, but since I bought 1 pack of big colorful popsicle sticks (which I just bought without having any idea what to do with them), I thought of creating a planter box out of it.

Here’s what I had to use:

  • 1 pack of big and colorful popsicle sticks
  • Cutter
  • Ruler
  • Cardboard or old cartons you can cut out
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil


Since we didn’t have any old box that I can cut, I decided to use the white cardboard I bought a month back. I was planning to use it for something else, but since I bought 2, I can spare to use 1. So anyways, basically what I simply did was measure the walls for the makeshift box and cut it out. I glued the corners, which I had to hold for a couple of minutes until it was dry enough to stand by itself. Then I started gluing the sticks on to the cardboard alternating colors as I went. It really depends how mixed you want the colors to be. As for me I decided to have it 2 sticks for every color.


After finishing sticking all around the cardboard, I again measure the length and width of the box for the base. After cutting it out, I started gluing the corners again from under and afterwards, I also glued the inside corners. And voila! I have my colorful DIY planterbox. I plan to use it for our escort cards to be placed on the registration table.




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