Chalk Ink – Checked!

For weeks, I have been trying to look for chalk-ink here in this country and I couldn’t find one. I went to Jarir, but to my dismay, they don’t have it there. During Mom and Dad’s 30th anniversary, we had dinner at Villagio and went to Hyatt Plaza for grocery shopping. I thought of passing by Daiso, the Japan store which sells cheap stuff, and I almost jumped for joy when I saw that they have chalk-ink markers! And not only that! They even have craft punchers that I was looking for! And for only Qr.7! I checked the craft puncher in National Bookstore last March when I was home. It was smaller that what Daiso has but it costs more! Good thing I didn’t buy the craft puncher from National Bookstore. Even in Jarir they have a craft puncher which is veeeeeery small but costs twice as much as that of Daiso’s product. Daiso even has lace ribbons and different types of paper. I bought 2 designs of craft puncher, rubber stamps, and chalk-ink board.

My craft puncher ♥

I must go back to Daiso, and gather some more arts and craft stuff! DIY is really addicting, I must say!

UPDATE: On August, upon my visit to Singapore prior to our wedding, I stumbled upon a stationery shop (Smiggle) and luckily, found better quality chalk ink! Bought 1 big marker (orange) and 1 set with 6 assorted colors. 

2 Responses to “Chalk Ink – Checked!”

  1. Dillah says:

    Hi where in singapore did you buy the chalk ink? Do email me.

    • v7a6uv says:

      Hi Dillah! I can’t remember the exact name of the shop anymore but I got it at the mall connected to the Tampines station. It’s the shop selling various cute stationery stuff.

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