Gazebo Royal Experience

Quezon City-20120325-00499

As I was browsing the photos in my Blackberry, I saw some pictures I’ve taken during our visit to Gazebo Royal last March. Our purpose of visit to the place was to meet with Amaranthus Florist to see if they can provide the flowers for our wedding. The meeting was set by our coordinator, Ms. Kredin and there was a grand food tasting arranged by Eloquente at that time. We met with Amaranthus, but there was no enthusiasm on their side. It’s like they wanted to reject us by seeming uninterested in our inquiry. Well if they don’t like to have more clients, then I don’t want to have them as our supplier as well.

Anyways, just wanted to share some photos from Gazebo Royale. I inquired with this venue before when we were still searching for possible reception venue. They had a beautiful pavilion but unfortunately they are already booked on our wedding day. Too bad. 🙁

Well, here are the photos.. 🙂









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