Wedding Rings – Double Checked!

As per my earlier post (a week or 2 ago), I mentioned that Lav has ordered our wedding rings already. He wasn’t able to get it last Wednesday, but on Thursday, I received a rather surprising photo in Whatsapp. He finally got our rings!

Our official wedding rings!

He got our rings from Gold Heart jewelry store in Singapore. Currently, there is a Great Singapore Sale on going, so he got our rings at a discounted price. (but I’m not going to tell you how much) It also comes with some discount vouchers and a small floral ring pillow! According to him, he was told by the jeweller that the diamonds on my ring is better than what we tried on before. If I understood it correctly, he said that the ring we were shown last March was no longer available. The diamonds on my wedding ring is the same with my engagement ring: the Celestial cut diamond. I guess we’ve become fans of this product. Hihi. His ring is very simple but when he tried it on (we were Skype-ing), it looked good on his finger. I am also very amazed how they were able to engrave our rings. I was expecting that they would say it’s impossible to have engraving on my ring since it’s pretty narrow and slim, but they were able to do it!

By August, I get to try my ring on and hopefully the size is just right. Otherwise, we will have to take it back to the shop to have it adjusted. Eitherway, I’m still happy another detail is off the checklist! This made me all the more excited for our wedding.. Seeing our rings just made me realize how close we are to our big day!


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