Our VIP Invitations – Photos

I’ve talked about our VIP invitations a couple of times already, but never really shared any photo of it. Not even of the sample photo I’ve taken during our meeting with our supplier. Well, here I am, about to share our wonderful invitation. 🙂

The packaged when I finally received it!

Unboxing our invites

These are only 20 pcs. yet it’s more than 1 kg.

I made this monogram myself. *proud*

I did the layout of these maps as well.

The pocket inserts

My DIY invitation labels for the Principal Sponsors


We’ve already distributed some of the invitations to our principal sponsors and they liked it. I’m happy that they appreciate how beautiful our invitations are. 🙂 It means we made the right decision in choosing our invitations.




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  1. I love the monogram and the pink bling color 😀

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