Progressing… Almost done!

Been wanting to share our progress the first 2 weeks of the month.. As we all know, rain poured tremendously in the Philippines for around 2-3 days during the first week.

1. My dress is almost ready. I just to have a final fitting. 😀 My mom, FMIL, FSIL, flower girls have already fitted their dresses as well. Woot!

2. We’ve already met our planner from the caterer, had detailing and food tasting as well. Just need to finalize the number of guests.

3. We we’re scheduled to have our canonical interview on Aug.7, but due to super bad weather, we weren’t able to attend and it got cancelled. Luckily, when we requested to have it on Aug.11, they agreed to arrange a special session for us coz their usual schedule is only on Tuesdays and Fridays. They also let us attend the ongoing Pre-cana seminar on 11th August, which supposedly we were to have on the 25th! 😀 This was actually a big relief for us. 🙂 It was like hitting two birds with one stone. 😉

4. We were also able to collect the bridesmaids dresses and distribute them to the respective owners. Luckily, Tita Letty, who made the dresses, was very good that the dresses need not any alterations. 🙂

5. We’re also done with our eshoot with Blacktie Project last 10th August! 😀 It was super fun even though it rained quite a bit 🙂 in preparation for this shoot, we got to meet with our hmua, got to shop for the attire, and because we got stuck at Lav’s house for 2 days in Cavite, we were able to rummage through their bodega for old stuff we can use as props. We also found his grandparent’s cord used on their 50th wedding anniversary! 😀 I finally have something old and borrowed! Yipee!

6. We got to settle the due payments (ie: church, venue, partial with p/v, hmua for prenup, etc.)

7. Distributed some invitations for Lav’s friends ni h2b.

8. Of course we also met with our coordinator and discussed detail like the program, the suppliers, and whatever else is pending from our side.

9. I was also able to submit our documents to Ms. Bessie from the chancery and she already sent it up for the priest’s evaluation! 😀

We barely have 2 weeks to go, and I feel that Lav is getting a bit more jittery than I am. Hahaha, probably because I feel so lazy to finish all the pending things to do, while he is already anxious to complete everything.

Oh, I also offered eggs sa St. Clare and prayed for better weather/no flood/calamity, not only on our big day, but for the rest of the year.




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