Bridal Shower Part 3 – The Coffee Shop Scenario


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I have yet to share another bridal shower prepared by my college buddies for me last 24th August. They scheduled for us to meet at their usual meeting place, the UCC coffee shop in front of 6750 building in Makati. I was instructed to be in a dress and be all made up. I thought there was something fishy, but since we were meeting at a coffee shop, I brushed the thought away. Pardz (a.k.a Jae) was sending messages via BBM that she will be out early from work and will be at UCC by 6:30 PM or earlier. Angge reserved the place for 7:30 PM. I planned to go early as well, as so not to worry my parents with me leaving too late from home. I left quite early and as expected, terrible traffic took most of my traveling time. When I reached UCC, Sweet was already with Jae. Angge came next, then Kach and last to arrive was Mafi. We ordered our food, ate heartily as we chatted the night away. After dinner, they started with the real “program” so to speak. They started presenting their gifts one by one. From the simplest to the most naughtiest gift, we were bursting out with laughter and because we were getting quite loud, Pardz and I noticed the guy from the other table literally laughing with us and looking at us! Interested to join in, eh? 😛

Witness our fun from these photos, courtesy of Pardz. 😉

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By the way, you can check out her version here. 😉

I feel so rich! I am so wealthy with all these bridal showers and friends God blessed me with. 🙂 I soooo love them. <3

One day, I will be able to repay you, if not with a similar (or more greenish) bridal shower, with something else. :-*


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  1. Jae says:

    We love you, too!♥

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