On New Signature…

I told Laviel today that I was practicing my new signature once I adapt his family name. I finished two pages of paper just practicing my new signature and trying to get used to it. While chatting on YM, he asked what my new signature looks like, so I opened the drawing app in iPad and showed him. He then said he’s got his own new signature as well and I asked him to show me. Aaaand this is what his new signature looks like..

Hahahaha! Of course, as usual this made me laugh. Then he said, he realized it was a little bit too long.. So he thought of a way to shorten it..

Hahahaha. What-a-signature. I know this may not seem funny to you, but for me, it tickled me fancy. Bwahaha! My silly silly husband. (Yiheee! Calling him ‘husband’ gives me love chills. Hahaha! It’s because I’m not yet used to it. Hihi.) He never fails to make me smile and laugh. Ü♥



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  1. Jae says:

    Nice one, Laviel! Hahaha!

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