♥ 09.08.12 – A Sneak Peak

Aaaaand it’s out! It’s up! It’s posted! It’s there on their vimeo account! Hahaha! Pardon my redundancy. I am just extremely excited and happy today. I woke up to wonderful messages on my BBM from Pardz, and Dory, a fellow September 8 bride. Both convey the same message that… OUR SAME-DAY-EDIT VIDEO HAS BEEN UPLOADED!!! Woohoo! Their messages literally pulled me out of my zombie state of mind. I didn’t exactly jump out of bed to watch the video because I felt nervous and went into a state of semi-shock. Hahaha! I felt so excited that I had to calm my inner self first before convincing myself to check it out. When I logged into Facebook, a fellow Blacktie Project bride messaged me immediately as well, saying that our SDE is up and gave me the link. This time I finally thought it’s time to face reality and watch the darn video! Hahahaha! I’ve shared the link with Laviel and I think he has finally watched it together with some of his officemates before getting off work. Now, for the past 2 hours or so, I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched our SDE. I feel like I’m falling in love all over again. ♥

Sharing a few moments from our big day.. ♥ü our official Same Day Edit video by the Blacktie Project. ü

By the way, I don’t know why their post had my name misspelled! Nyaa.. It should be LAV & RIV.

Oh, another thing.. Can this pass as a favorite movie for today’s blogging challenge? 😀 Hahaha!


P.S. Pardz told me that she found out about our SDE from sis OJ (a fellow Blacktie Project client and W@Wie) who has also been waiting for their SDE to be uploaded. She got theirs a couple of days after ours. 😀

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  1. Jae says:

    MADAYA! Hahaha!

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