Day 2: A Favorite Movie

Today’s challenge is all about a favorite movie. (I am praying I don’t make the mistake I did for yesterday’s challenge!) Since our SDE is not acceptable for today’s topic, I had to recall which movie I consider a favorite. Then I remembered a few that I really like and can probably watch over and over again. Yes a few. I can’t really choose a specific one for this topic.

P.S. I Love You


This is one movie I’ve only come to know about during 2008. I don’t really know when this was released as it was only referred by a previous officemate. Who knew it would become a favorite?



I just love how they fought in the beginning of the movie and then suddenly made up. And I just love Gerard Butler! His character died but before passing away, he was able to prepare surprises for his beloved wife that showed how much he loved her.



The Notebook


This movie is indeed one of my favorites. I find the entire story very romantic. Noah’s reading of their love story to Allie who has dementia is just pure love. One of my favorite scenes in the movie was during the time when Allie’s mother prohibited her from seeing Noah, saying that he is trash and he’s not good enough for Allie. Honestly, there was a moment in my life when I can relate with Allie’s argument with her mother.

Allie: Don’t touch me.

Mom: Now that is enough. You are not to see him anymore and that’s final.

Allie: No, that’s not final.

Mom: Yes, it is.

Allie: No! It’s not final! You are not gonna tell me who I’m gonna love.

Dad: Love!

Allie: Yes, Daddy. I love him. I love him.

Dad: *says something I don’t really understand*


Mom: You are 17 years old, you do not know anything about love.

Allie: Oh, you do? You don’t look at Daddy the way I look at Noah. You don’t touch or laugh, you don’t play, you don’t know anything about love!

Another favorite scene from this movie would be the kiss-by-the-river-under-the-rain scene.

I actually have a lot more on the list, but right now, this would be the top 2.

Do you have a favourite movie? What is made it your favourite? Hit the comment box and share your story. 

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