Spring in Atrium ♥

Since I have soooo much backlog in sharing anything about our wedding and the preps, let me have this opportunity to begin. 🙂

I can’t recall if I ever mentioned that I wanted to have a spring themed wedding. I might have said something about it in my previous posts, and I’m sure I also mentioned this as the reason why I wanted a February wedding. Well, even getting married in September doesn’t stop us from having a spring themed wedding. Hehehe. When we finally decided to get Ysabela Florist, I immediately mentioned that I want a colorful wedding. The thought of having an autumn wedding appealed to me, but I resisted since the colors for autumn would consist of shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. We like something bright, bubbly and lively colors. When I personally spoke to Ms. Weng, I knew that I could trust them with the our reception setup. Our final detailing happened in the middle of August where Ms. Kredin and I visited their office in Manila. During our exchange of emails, I sent her pegs to copy for our centerpieces but she said it’s a little to simple for our wedding. She gave suggestions which I liked and upon seeing the wooden boxes in their shop, I know I had to agree with her. We finalized everything and I just let go and trust that they will give me the wedding reception I wanted.

Come wedding day, when Laviel and I finally entered the venue, we were practically in awe. (*.*)  The place was soooo pretty! We loved all the flower arrangements, all the vibrant colors, and all of the flowers! Just a quick note, I didn’t give much specifics on what flowers I wanted to be used. The only flowers I mentioned that I liked were gerbera and hydrangea. The rest, I left it all to Ysabela florists to decide. And they didn’t fail us. Everything was just wonderful. Beautiful. ♥ We actually wanted to take all the flowers home, but unfortunately, we didn’t have enough space in either cars. That would probably one of my regrets, not being able to bring home all those wonderful flowers. Well anyway, Laviel and I are really happy with Ysabela florist. On this note, let me share the photos of our reception I grabbed from Light of Love’s Facebook account. 🙂 Enjoy! ♥

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