Day 7: Five Things You Couldn’t Possibly Live Without

As I was contemplating on what these 5 things are, I realized I was thinking of things of no value at all. Then when I read the topic again, I took note of the word possibly. Meaning it should be something that might cause my death if I don’t have it. I know it’s probably morbid, but it’s my only way to allow me to think straight.

1. Food

Well, of course, common sense. Anybody would probably die without food. A cold, hard, death. Too morbid, too scary. But true. Any type of food.. Healthy, junk, sweets, salty.. As long as I am feeling hunger in my system, I need food.

2. Water

I. Need. Water. I drink a lot of water. I can finish a 1.5 bottle in half a day. I don’t mind going to the washroom a lot of times, I will still drink a lot of water. Being a Cancer person, I also enjoy being in water. At first I think that I don’t want to be under the sun, I don’t want chlorine in my hair, etc. But once I get in the water, I almost don’t want to stop. I enjoy in the swimming pool more than the beach because I don’t really know how to swim. I trust the swimming pool more that the ocean.

3. Sleep

I love sleep! Even though I sleep late quite often, I still love sleep! And when I finally sleep, I can sleep for a long, long time. šŸ˜› Of course not as long as Sleeping Beauty though. Wahaha! And the quote or saying “inisin mo na ang lasing, wag lang ang bagong gising” applies to me. I get cranky when I get irritated just after waking up. If something or someone annoys me when I just got out of bed.. Gahh.. Expect a cranky mood. I just hate it. And not having sleep when I really want to sleep, makes me feel like crying. (T_T)

4. Camera

Memories mean a lot to me. I don’t really have a good memory, so I’d like to take pictures of certain moments in life that I’d like to remember in the future. I like taking pictures of anything I can think of.

5. YOU

Yes, you! I cannot live without you!

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