Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played)

As I have mistakenly posted on Day 1 my bridal march song.. I had to think of another song that was played during our wedding. Honestly, I didn’t really give much attention to this detail. I gave this task to Laviel and he was responsible for whatever song that was played during our reception. Even if I had a list of my own thinking that I’ll add it to his list, I was never able to. It wasn’t because he didn’t want me to, I just never had the time to do so. I was so caught up with other things that it completely slipped off my mind. Well anyway, this was the song that popped in my thoughts for this day’s challenge. I know people might not have noticed this song playing and most probably most of them is not familiar with this song, but I find this song amusing and wonderfully cute. I admit I didn’t know this song as well, but I just like how different it is from all other songs that are usually played during weddings. So, here is Homer and Marge Simpsons (Yep! You read it right!) singing I Love To See You Smile.

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