Day 18: A Time When You Felt Passionate and Alive

Oh! I still remember how being passionate and alive felt.. ♥

I can say that one of the times I felt this way was during high school, when I used to go out at night without my parents knowledge — those were the days. We’d go out, and just go somewhere, play billiards, stay outside a friend’s house, stay at our rooftop and just jam the night away. We’d go back to our homes early before our parents wake up (that would be around 4:30-5AM) and be at school by 7AM. We then wait to see who comes the latest. I can say we had fun. Good, clean fun. I somehow felt that I did the most out of my teenage years without doing any damage. Well of course it ended when my parents found out what I was doing and had me grounded for a certain amount of time.

I felt that way again when Laviel and I started going out… And at night again! I guess I’m really nocturnal. Well anyway, we used to go out late at night and go up at Sumulong highway. At first, we used to go to Cloud 9, a restaurant bar located up in the east, park and stay inside the car and just.. talk. Once, we went out of the car and walked up to the view deck, but the guard told us that it’s not allowed to stay there. Probably for safety reasons, because it was quite dark. So we decided to just stay inside. But then, for a change, we started to park by the side of the road with a view of the city. We’d stay out until early morning, say 5:30AM then he’d drop me off at home to get ready to go to work.

It wasn’t just the going out and about at night that gets me excited and make me feel passionate and alive. But it’s being with this person. We both love to travel and the nature. No wonder we enjoyed just sitting together, looking out at the stars and the city lights, and enjoy the night sounds of nature (which once in a while gets disturbed by the passing of dump trucks). Well, most probably, anybody would feel passionate and alive if they were doing something they enjoy and love doing. It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter what time; Either you do it by yourself or with someone special, friends or loved ones, as long as you’re happy and your heart is in it, you’d feel passionate and alive.

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