Gel It On!

On my last day of quick vacation back home, I decided to try the new gel polish offered by Perfectly Polished. I asked about it and was told that gel polish lasts longer than the usual, ordinary nail polish. And that got me. I needed something tough on my nails coz whenever I get newly manicured and pedicured, it never last a day without getting damaged. As I was told, gel nail polish can last about a month without easily getting chipped. Neither can it be removed by an ordinary nail polish remover. I have to go back to the nail salon to have it removed and of course, there’s a fee for just merely removing it. Gel polish costs a little bit more than usual nail polish but I am loving it.

Application takes longer as well; they buff your nails, apply a primer, then cure it under a laser sort of light. Then they apply a base coat and then cured. Then they apply the 1st layer of nail polish and cured. Then the 2nd layer and then cured. And finally, the top coat and cured. And amazingly, my nail polish is still intact after 3 days! :p That’s why I am so loving my polish now.

Now, my only concern.. If I wait a month or longer before I can go back home to get my polish off, how would it look like when my fingernails and toenails grow longer? :-/

Nah, hakuna matata!

PS: the brand for this nail polish is Orly’s Gel FX🙂

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