Nadz&Gyte – Save The Date (The Hunger Games Style)

I have never seen the movie The Hunger Games. I have the e-book but I’ve only read a few pages. I am not a fan (well, not yet since I haven’t got a clue about it really). But when I saw this video as shared by a fellow bride, I think I just became an instant fan! This video is a save the date/engagement video of the couple Nadz(bride) and Gyte(groom). I want to share this because I am still amazed and I want you to be amazed as well. Hahaha! Kidding. But this is seriously one of the coolest, funnest video I’ve ever seen. But before anything else, I want to quote the bride why they did such video:

“Why did we choose to do a parody on Hunger Games? Well, we don’t have much specific things in common but we  wanted a video that is known to most. And it just so happens that the title is Hunger Games because Gyte and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to eat. So we made a parody and made it The Hungry Games. So instead of fighting for your own life, we were actually fighting with each other to be the champion of the eating competition. :)” -Nadz

By the way, this video was done by Sequence by Sequence. 🙂 This is actually the first time I learned about the group and after checking out their website, I think I have to make an effort to convince Laviel to have a video done by them. For whatever it is, I would like to work with them one day! 😀

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