Engagement Shoot Feature (Sort of)

As I browsed quickly through Facebook today, I caught a glimpse of BlackTieProject. It has been quite sometime since I last paid their page a visit coz I have been feeling tired of going through Facebook and seeing the same thing everyday. If ever I go online, I just check for any notification worth my attention. Well anyway, as I said, I saw BlackTieProject posted something on their wall. It was a link. Curious as a cat, I clicked on it and saw that it was an online article from kasal.com and in it was the interview with Marco Malaca, head of the group, about the group. I didn’t really read through the article, instead I scrolled down to see the photos they included in the feature. Lo and behold, right about in the middle of the page, I saw 2 familiar photos. It was 2 shots from our Engagement Shoot with BlackTieProject! 😀 I felt so excited as if I won a major prize or something. I was currently chatting with Laviel on Google that time and when I saw our photos I immediately messaged him: “Akin! Akin!” Hahaha! Then I gave him the link and told him that our photos were included. And because I was so excited and happy and giddy, I was also able to share it in W@W. Hahaha. As shallow as it may seem, it really tickled my fancy seeing our photos there. As I’ve said in my W@W post, it may not be an article about us nor our wedding, but it’s still flattering to know that they considered our photos worth sharing. ♥ I feel so proud of these guys even more! 😀

Well, if you’re interested enough about BlackTieProject and our photos, kindly check the link below.

BlackTieProject: The Team Behind The Tie

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