I Must Be Dreaming

I just have to share this with you guys. This is just something unbelievably… Out of this world? Extraordinary? Something out of a movie? No. I don’t even think I’ve watched a movie with this type of production. I can’t imagine anybody spending so much for something. Well, maybe I can if they were the royal family or something. This wedding’s one of a kind. Seriously. I feel like watching someones fantasy dream or something. Check out the wonderful video by Mayad Studios.

Even the speeches were delivered perfectly. It’s too perfect, I can’t believe it’s real. Hahaha! I have lost words on how to describe this wedding. And to know the amount spent for it is just way too overwhelming to even mention.

PS: This is, by the way, the couples 3rd wedding..

UPDATE: I was informed by a representative of Mayad that they had to restrict access to this video as per the couple’s request and for security reason.. 

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  1. Sheena says:

    Hi Riv! This is Sheena of Mayad Studios 🙂 How can i reach you if ever? 🙂 thanks

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