Day 24: A Movie No One Would Expect You To Love

I know it’s kind of silly that I still haven’t finished this blogging challenge until now. I was struggling to find that one movie for day 24’s topic and I really couldn’t pick one. So finally, I thought, what the hey! Let me just get on with it. Hahaha!

So, I’ve heard about this movie from friends, Laviel, and dialogues in movies and TV series ever since I can’t remember. I can never relate when they start talking about it. I feel like a loser when they start mentioning lines or scenes or characters from this movie because I have no idea what it was about. Once during college, when renting VCD’s were still common, Jae told me to rent one title because she was sort of raving about the main character. I rented the video, yes I did. But for some reason, I never got to watch it. Finally, sometime this year, after hearing about this movie from Laviel quite often, I got interested enough to watch the entire series.

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Yep, the Star Wars movies. All 6 episodes. I think I was able to finish all 6 in 2 days. I started with the most recent one and continued to how it all started. I never expected it would be so interesting and I certainly never thought I would love it. I actually felt relieved that I was able to sit through the movies and not feel bored. I liked it so much that I even considered having a Star Wars themed engagement shoot. Hahaha! But of course that never pushed through.

Now I understand, this classic sci-fi movie is something you’d watch over and over even if you’re way beyond what is considered a young age. I most probably would watch it again one of these days. Or  maybe when Laviel and I are together again.

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