Operation: Mini Cupcakes

Today, I had the chance to use my new toy. Don’t get too curious. I’m talking about the mini cupcake maker. I decided to mix something easy and simple as my trial cupcake. The instruction manual of the maker included some recipes of cupcakes so I decided to make the chocolate cupcakes. I thought of preparing frosting as well, but then I chose not to. I realized I wanted to make sure that my cupcakes are perfect before I add frosting.This is the first time I’m baking cupcakes, FYI. I did everything from scratch and even mixed my homemade self-raising flour since I couldn’t find one at the nearby grocery store. I didn’t even have a mixer so I had to mix the batter manually with the use of a wooden ladle. I had to be resourceful. When I finally finished mixing the batter, I tasted the raw mix. It actually tasted fine, so I somehow knew that my cupcakes would taste okay. I then preheated my maker while transferring spoonfuls of batter into each cupcake cases filling them up 1/2 to 2/3 high. When the maker was ready, I laid the 7 cups per batch. I had a total of 4 batches, 7 mini cupcakes each. It tasted good, but the only problem was that the cupcakes deflated. It rises up beautifully, but then it deflates even before I take them out of the maker. After finishing with the baking, I researched the possible reasons why my cupcakes deflated. The answer I got was that probably the cupcakes lack sufficient structure to stand by themselves when the air cools. (Source) I also read somewhere that other factors can cause this: type of raising agent, over-mixed batter, taking the cupcakes out of the oven earlier than it should be, time between the batter was mixed and baked, etc. Another reason I thought of was that maybe because I didn’t measure the ingredients accurately. I think I might need to invest in some more baking equipment. Anyway, here’s the result of my kitchen endeavor today.


Do you have recommended baking recipes? Share your kitchen stories below!

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