Day 25: A Recipe

I don’t cook. I don’t cook because my Mom does the cooking. I don’t cook because I don’t know much about cooking. I don’t cook often but I cook once in a blue moon. I know a few recipe’s here and there but I still need practice. And time. Because I don’t like it when I cook and my Mom interrupts me and tells me how to do things her way. Thinking of a recipe for (my supper delayed) day 25 post, I remembered we used to have a poster at home for a recipe in life. I thought it would be better to share that instead of some food I barely know how to cook.  I couldn’t remember the exact words so I tried researching but I couldn’t find the same one. Instead I found this:

Photo source: Google

And this too:

Photo source: Google

I noticed that the common ingredient for this two recipes are love and laughter. I think all recipe’s of life includes love and laughter. I guess to be successful in life, one must learn to love and be happy.

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