Day 27: A Physical Feature You Love

I can say I love my legs, but I feel my thighs are too.. Fat? But Laviel loves my legs. Hahaha!

I guess I love my eyes. It’s my favorite facial feature. I love the color of my eyes. I remember back in high school, a senior student used to ask me if I was wearing contact lenses. I always say no because: 1 – I’m not really wearing contact lenses and 2 – I have a pair of eyeglasses hanging on my neck or sitting on my head. Come on. Isn’t it that obvious?

Whenever I apply make up, I enjoy applying mascara and eye liner. Though I am not that good in applying eye shadow on myself. But it’s the feature I enjoy making up. And it’s also one feature that Laviel used to notice commend quite often. Hihi..

I really can’t elaborate more on this topic.

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