“Tick-Tock” Says The Clock

I woke up one day feeling happy and excited. I had a visitor coming over and we get to spend some time at home. I shook off the feeling of sleepiness and headed for the shower. I took a good cool bath and dressed up in my usual home clothes. I had breakfast and went on with my day as usual. I was expecting he’d arrive by lunch time, but he woke up quite late. He sent me a message past around 1 in the afternoon saying he’s on his way to our house. I waited while doing minor chores around the house. I prepped my self, wanting to look good for him. Mom and Dad was out when I woke up so I was at home only with my grand mother and our house maids. He arrived at around 3:00PM. We stayed at the living room for a few minutes and then headed upstairs to my room. He’s been in my room before, this wasn’t something new. But it’s not something normal for any girl’s parents to see a boy in their daughter’s room. Things were getting a little bit too intimate when I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked a the clock. They’re home! We scrambled out of my room and got back to the living room in time to greet my parents. We pretend like nothing happened.

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