From A Family Of Three

Fact: I am an only child. Which means I have a very small family; it consists of me, my Mom and Dad. I’ve always thought that being an only child is kind of boring. I don’t have siblings to play with, I don’t have anybody to annoy, nor do I have anybody annoying me.. Well, except from my parents. I vowed to myself that I would have more than 1 child; 2 should be minimum, and the more, the merrier!

mom dad and i

Laviel, on the other hand, came from a slightly bigger family; he has 4 siblings. Three of them are married and each couple has at least one child. The eldest has migrated to Canada with his family but came home last September for our wedding. Whenever they are complete, the house in Cavite always feels busy with all the hustling and bustling of adults and kids.

dela cruz family

We had planned an out of town getaway with my small family and Laviel’s bigger family after the wedding. After much research and consultation, we decided to book a small house in La Virginia Hotel and Resort in Batangas. Getting in touch with La Virginia is quite difficult; because of low network coverage of their area, our conversation always gets cut off. They don’t have a landline number so I don’t have any choice but to keep on trying their cellphone number. After confirming our reservation and having deposited the reservation fee through bank transfer, we headed off to Batangas on the morning of September 10, 2012. Laviel and I came from Antipolo with my parents and Tito Boyet, while the dela Cruz’s came from Cavite and Muntinlupa. We met at a gasoline station for a pit stop (can’t exactly remember whether it was at Shell or Petron station). Finding La Virginia wasn’t hard. Coming from Star toll gate, it’s quite close after entering Lipa. The resort is located on the mountain side and practically occupies the side of the mountain; it was huge! We paid respective entrance fees and checked in.

la vi

We had booked a small house called Bebeng which can accommodate 10-15 persons. It had 2 bedrooms with 2 queen sized bed each and 5 double decks. Laviel and I booked a separate hotel room a little bit close to the house so we can have our privacy. The rooms and guest houses are simple, nothing fancy with the interiors and the furnitures. After settling down, we decided to have our late lunch. After lunch, we started to take a walk around the vicinity to see the beauty of the resort. It was quite a challenge because the roads gets too steep and we really had to do a lot of walking. We then decided to take a dip in the pool before it gets dark. The water is cold but the pool is really nice. At night, we decided to rent the videoke so they set it up in the Bebeng guest house. We sang the night away until 12:00AM, which was the curfew for making noise. The following morning, we decided to ride the zip line. Everybody, even my Mom and Dad experienced the zip line!


Lunch at Bebeng guest house



Fun under the sun!



We’re sexy and we know it!



Babies swim too!



Zipline family

Overall, the La Virginia experience was pretty awesome. All of us are amazed on how big it is and they were even expanding down the mountain side. The resort had a peaceful environment; a resort that is far from being crowded. Although the rooms are a bit expensive, the view of the area are worth seeing.

But what I most enjoyed during this out of town trip was the bonding of our families. Coming from a small family is not as bad as it would seem but being part of a bigger one is even better. I’ve lived my life in such a small family that I always like to have more company. I like gatherings and having lots of friends because I get to have more people around me and generally, in my life. I know my parents enjoyed themselves as well and the quality time spent together is priceless. We look forward to spending more time together in the coming future and I hope Laviel and I can have our own big family in the future.

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