Daily Prompt: Twenty-five

Yesterday’s prmpt was abut the imprtance f each letter f the alphabet. Yes, indeed we need all f them t speak prperly. The challenge is t pick a letter and create an entry withut using that letter. Nt that I dn’t believe it but I’d like t take n the challenge. Isn’t it bvius yet?

I’m nt realky sure what I’m suppsed t write abut but when I saw the tpic, I immediately remembered what had happened last February 14th. My friends and I had planned a drinking sessin t celebrate – nt Valentine’s day – but they called it the Lnely Hearts Club day. I knw Laviel and I aren’t suppsed t be part f the club but we’d like t be part f the fun. We hadn’t planned anything fr Valentine’s day s we thught it wuld be nice t bnd with sme friends. Ur visitrs arrived at arund 8 in the evening and we finally started the shts at 10PM. We had a game using a deck f cards where each number had a crrespnding actin which we have t perfrm r else we take a sht. Yu have t really be quick and alert when playing this game t avid getting drunk. Unfrtunately, during the first rund, Ella instigated the rule f remving the letter ‘S’ in all wrds that we are suppsed t speak. Nw that is very tricky! Dna and Ann, wh were getting tipsy and talkative, basically drank the whle bttle of vdka as punishment fr speaking wrds with the letter ‘S’. F curse sme f us fell it the trap as well, but nt as much as the tw f them.

Here are the results:





Indeed, all twenty six alphabets are essential in ur everyday lives. It’s like lsing a finger r ne yur bdy senses; yu’d feel incmplete and disabled. Merely speaking with ne less f a letter wuld make a whle lt f difference… And t avid getting wasted and frgetting what happened the night befre as yu’ve seen in the few phts abve.

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