When Mom Had A Tummyache

On some weekends, it is just normal that my Mom gets left alone at home while Dad and I go out with friends. It is not a weekly basis for my Dad but sometimes it happens that both of us are out on Thursday night. A week ago, Dad had told me earlier that he and Laviel would be going to Tito Jimi’s place for some drinks. I, on the other hand, is scheduled to go out for a run with Ella.

All three of us – Dad, Laviel and I – went on our way almost at the same time while Mom was left at home. Ella and I had finished our run and were sitting at a café having tea when I received a call from Mom asking where we are. I told her and asked if everything is alright. She told me she wants to go to the clinic because she’s been having stomachache which started from the time I left home. Dad and Laviel left home first and I went out a few minutes later. Ella and I were close by so I told her we’ll go with her. I sent Laviel a message saying that we’ll be going to the clinic with Mom. He called and asked what had happened and I related the story. I spoke to Dad as well and he told me to let them know what happens.


When Ella and I got home, I went to Mom’s room and found her sitting, waiting for me. As we walked slowly out of the house, she would stop once in a while when she feels the pain. We headed to Al-Ahli hospital because it was already late and ordinary clinics are already closed. We went directly at the emergency section and Mom was taken cared of immediately. Dad and Laviel, meanwhile, advised us that they too were on their way to the hospital at the same time as we were. Unfortunately, Dad forgot where the emergency area was so they took quite a while before they got to us. Mom was already inside the treatment room when they came and Dad went to her.


It took quite some time before Mom got released. They ran some test to check what could be causing her stomachache and gave her meds through IV. While waiting, Laviel felt the urge to eat donuts so we decided to take Dad home first so he could rest and the 3 of us went to the petrol station grocery shop to buy donuts. I forgot to mention that Laviel and Dad were both a little tipsy since they came from a drinking session so Dad was feeling sleepy and Laviel was acting silly. From the petrol station, I told Ella to go home and we’ll take care of Mom. Laviel and I went back to the hospital to check up on Mom. We waited about an hour more before she was released. I sat beside her bed while Laviel slept in the car.


The diagnosis? The doctors said there must have been a sudden increase in her acidity which caused her the pain. They gave her some meds and a follow up appointment for an ultrasound and cardiology just to make sure it was nothing serious. She had gone for the ultrasound and everything was normal. I don’t think she went to the cardiologist yet, though.

It’s a different feeling to be in the hospital when someone close to your heart is the patient. I wasn’t paranoid but I can’t say that I didnt feel worried. I was actually silently praying it was nothing serious. Probably another factor why I was a little bit anxious is because it is unusual for Mom to want to go to the hospital because of an ordinary stomachache. Now I know how she felt when I was rushed to the hospital and went through a laparoscopic appendectomy 3 years ago.

Thankfully, she felt better the next day and now she’s eating again as much as she was before that night.

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