Family Appraisal

On the way home last week, I had a “what-the-heck/what-the-fudge” moment. See, about three weeks ago our company rolled out the yearly performance appraisal results. My supervisor called me in to his office to discuss the final rating I received and I received a very good news. I told Laviel about it and told him we’d keep it quiet at home just because I’m afraid my Mom might attempt to squeeze me to get every single penny. Long story. Anyway, as I was saying… On the way home last Thursday, Mom suddenly told me I should treat them for lunch or dinner on payday. I said “What? Why??” And she answered, “You got a high rating!” And there goes my “what the…!?” moment. Mom is working in the same company as I am. We don’t belong in the same department, though. I’m in the technical division, while Mom is in, well, Human Resources. No wonder she knew about my rating. What a disadvantage! On the bright side, she didn’t mention anything about my due payment. So, yay!

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to a family lunch or dinner-out. I’d be more than happy to oblige my Mom’s request.

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