“Dear Son” – An Open Letter To My Unborn Child


Dear Son,

As I am sitting on the edge of our bed, browsing different internet pages while listening to classical music on iTunes Radio, you start fiddling around Mommy’s tummy. No, I am not mad nor am I angry. In fact, I am very amused every time I feel you move around at the same time I feel jumpy. I could never get used to your acrobatics inside my uterus. Everyday, you are becoming stronger and bigger inside me. Everyday, I look forward to your greetings; your knocking from inside to say hello to the outside world. It used to be only me who feels your flutters and tickling movements but now, Daddy has been able to feel you as well. And I’d like to thank you for giving him that moment. I know he was really happy to finally feel you try to knock off his hand from your territory.  *wink*

For the past few days, you must have felt Mommy’s pain and sickness. Don’t worry about Mommy, I’ll be strong as I can be and endure whatever just for you. I was worried you’d be affected by whatever I had during those couple of days. Luckily, you were safe in your protective bubble. The recent scans showed you were doing good inside so we had nothing much to worry about. Today, we got to see you again moving around and even shaking your head! Last time, you didn’t even show us your face.. were you that shy? You must’ve gotten that from me (Daddy’s out so he can’t object). But today, you showed us your face even if you were shaking your head like we disturbed your sleep. Sorry about that. But, oh my, you’ve grown bigger now! Your legs are longer (which I assume you got from your Dad) and you’re 200g heavier! Whew! No wonder I feel the stretch around my belly, waist and pressure on the hips. But I don’t mind, as long as I see you growing healthy.

Just hang on there little buddy. Although we are very excited to see you, we still have a few months to go and lots of preparation for your arrival. So just sit tight there for the meantime and we’ll see you soon.

P.S: I do hope, after all you crazy movements inside, you’d come out as a dancer just like Mommy. *wink*

Love and kisses,


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