Finally! An Anniversary!


September 8 marked our first year wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we decided to check in at Ritz Carlton Hotel during the weekend prior to September 8 since it falls on a Sunday which is a working day for us. We have been planning this weekend getaway for the past couple of months but something always comes up. I planned our stay at the hotel from 6th till 7th of September; just for the weekend. I was actually excited for our much needed R&R. Prior to checking in, we treated Mom and Dad for lunch at the Shanghai Garden Restaurant in City Center. We roamed around a little bit after and had them drop us off at the hotel.

I initially wanted to try out W Hotel but I felt like the place wouldn’t be as relaxing as other hotels that are a bit far off from the city.

W Hotel Doha (source)

I chose Ritz Carlton not only because of its location but I wanted to try their pre-natal massage. This was actually the deal breaker for me. Laviel, anyway, let me do all the bookings and stuff.

Ritz Carlton Hotel Doha (source)

I availed of the Discover With You package which included the room rental, buffet breakfast for two, complimentary internet access and the other usual stuff. When we got to our room, I was surprised how spacious it was. I was expecting it to be a little bit smaller but it was not. We also had a balcony overlooking the marina bay.


The bed was amazing! We could barely get out of it every time we lie down. It felt like the bed was always hugging and cuddling us to sleep. The bathroom was also wonderful with the big tub. And I just love the scent of their shower gel/shampoo/conditioner/soap.

I had booked our Spa appointment the day before but hoping that we could have our treatments done at the same time. Unlike in the Philippines, female and male spa are separated to follow the customs of Islam. So we had to have our treatments done at separate rooms. Unfortunately, their schedule for the weekend is full so my treatment had to be earlier than Laviel. I was scheduled at 4PM while Laviel was scheduled at 6PM. Their recreational facilities are great. They have an indoor pool, indoor tennis and squash courts, they have an indoor Roman bath otherwise known as jacuzzi bath or spa pool, an outdoor jacuzzi bath, etc.

When the therapist started with my massage, she didn’t realize I was pregnant. It was because I was wearing a large robe and when I had to lay down on the spa bed, she held a towel in front of her to block her view of my almost naked body. She had told me to lay face down so I did. I thought she must know I was pregnant because I requested for a pre-natal massage. I did lay face down but with my butt slightly arched to avoid pressing down on my tummy. When she finally found out that I was pregnant (we were talking nonstop and I mentioned I was 26 weeks prego) she immediately told me to lie on my side instead, and got me 2 pillows. One she placed to elevate my head a little and the other to prop up my legs. Irina, was the name of my therapist. She hailed from Romania and had very soft touch which I really enjoyed. After my massage, she continued on to give me facial treatment. I felt so relaxed that I started to doze off a little. Unfortunately, my session had ended so I had to shake off the drowsiness.

By the time I finished, Laviel had started his session so I took the opportunity to try out the Roman bath. I was alone so I felt comfortable wearing a tank top swimsuit with my bulging tummy. I didn’t stay for too long because I felt a slight difficulty in breathing by being submerged in the water. I stayed at the Spa lounge and treat myself to a decaffeinated drink, water with lemon, and an apple (because I was feeling hungry). Laviel finished around 8PM.


We then proceed to have dinner after changing clothes. We decided to have a buffet dinner at the Lagoon. They have a variety of food and we really enjoyed our meals.


After dinner, we decided to go back to our hotel room, spent some time in the bath tub, and tucked ourselves in the cozy, cozy bed. I had set my phone’s alarm clock at 9AM because we have breakfast included in our package. Come morning, we really found it difficult to get up and leave the cozy, cozy bed. I feel like the bed just hugs us to sleep and doesn’t want to let us go. But we had to. Baby and I were feeling hungry and it would be a waste not to avail of the free buffet breakfast which happens to be at the Lagoon again. We started eating at 9:30AM and finished by 10:30AM just in time before the buffet closed. I can say, we had a great brunch.


We then got back to our room, took a shower, dressed up and got ready to check out. I called up my Dad to pick us up at the hotel and by 2:00PM we were back to our normal lives; back to our normal bedroom. Despite the short amount of time we spent at the hotel, I am happy to say that this was one of the best stay-cation we’ve experienced. In fact, it felt so good that I told Laviel we should do it at least twice a year. So for all you busy working couples out there, take some time off and spend it with your loved ones even in the most simple ways.


And that wraps up our simple yet memorable first year wedding anniversary celebration. Can’t wait for next year!

What are your anniversary celebration ideas?

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