Preparing for Our Little One

As of today, I am 30 weeks pregnant. Though I haven’t gotten the chance to tell the story how we came to know that we’re expecting, we are very excited with our upcoming (and most probably) early Christmas gift. I have been chatting with some W@Wie and GirlTalk friends who are also expecting and we share stories and experiences during our preggy journeys. We compare our test results, pregnancy symptoms, the first kicks and movement, etc. I’ve joined several support groups on Facebook such as Breastfeeding Pinays and GirlTalk group. I’ve learned a lot about the importance and benefits of exclusively breastfeeding your baby and avoiding formula feeding as much as possible. So I definitely would like to try and exclusively breastfeed my little one. I’ve told Laviel about this and he’s supporting me with this advocacy.

I have been watching and reading articles about natural, normal delivery as well. It has always been my dream to give birth naturally without any meds (epidural and other pain killers). One of the W@Wies, Chelle, who recently gave birth did a great job delivering her son naturally. I asked her if she took some classes about natural birth but she never did. I was amazed! She’s the second friend I know who gave birth without any pain killers whatsoever. I thought to myself, if they did it then most probably I can do it. I have a high pain tolerance, but I’m sure the pain in giving birth is way more intense than anything else. But still, I’d like to try.

I’ve acquired a sample of a birth plan as well, shared by one of my preggy online friends. I never knew it would be so detailed! I was planning on preparing my own birth plan to present to the doctor once I get turned over to the main hospital by our company clinic. I’ve also started listing down what has to be included in the baby bag for the hospital. Just recently, Mom and I started buying several baby clothes but we still need to purchase some winter outfits since baby will be coming during the winter period.

Time is flying by so fast that I’m afraid we might not be fully prepared yet by the time our baby is about to arrive. I thought we could start purchasing baby furnitures beginning of this month but I’m afraid we are still unable to. We had just started clearing up the other room to make space for the crib, changing station, drawers etc. for our baby. We decided to start purchasing after we get enough space to put all the baby things in. Honestly, I am starting to feel overwhelmed with all the things that we need to prepare and to learn about. Our baby is still in breech position which also concerns me as I am 8 weeks away from being full term. I still have to manage and monitor my blood sugar level to make sure our baby isn’t born with diabetes and to avoid difficult delivery. GDM babies tend to gain weight quickly which makes them bigger than normal. We haven’t put our foot down on the name, by the way. We still have uncertainty with my hubby’s employment which we are praying to be resolved soon. So many things in mind.

Nonetheless, we’re pretty excited for the arrival of our new family member. I can barely wait to see and hold him. Tomorrow’s my next check up and I hope the doctor orders for another scan so I could see him again. Hopefully, I get turned over to the main hospital soon so that I can discuss my delivery and breastfeeding concerns with the doctor who would be handling my case until I reach my delivery date. Couple more weeks to go.. We’d better get moving!


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