Taking Time

I am currently taking this opportunity to write this entry as my little boss (a.k.a baby Lucio) is deep in his sleep. This rarely happens and I am very thankful that today, he has been a good boy. There has been a lot of changes in my routine and practically in our lives since our little man arrived.. And one of them is being able to move around and without him sucking the life out me. Kidding. It’s just that I decided to breastfeed so most of the time he’s latched on me.

Anyhoo.. I can’t believe that today is the last day of 2013. It feels like just recently, we were saying good bye to 2012 and welcoming 2013. Now here we are again, bidding farewell to this year and eagerly looking forward to 2014. I don’t know about you, but I am excited and at the same time quite suspicious on what’s in store for me and my family this coming year. Looking back at 2013, most of our months were spent waiting for the arrival of our new member. We didn’t really get to do much due to my condition but nonetheless, I am happy to have my husband by my side throughout my pregnancy. Having Lucio was the highlight of our 2013.

Also, during this past year, we waited in vain for Laviel to get a good enough job. And just as we were about to give up, someone finally called him. To date, as much as we would like to express our gratitude, we are still clueless as to who recommended him for the job he has now. Mystery’s still unsolved.

Now that we have Lucio, I sometimes wonder how our 2014 would go about. First, I’d be going back to work by 2nd week of January. This means I’ll be leaving my baby with my mom who decided to finally submit her resignation when I gave birth. And I say “finally” because she had been planning to do so for months (even years!) but always found an excuse not to. I guess the arrival of her first grand child was the deal breaker for her. If only our lives and Laviel’s career is stable enough in this country, I would actually choose to stay at home and take care of Lucio. This is one of my dreams in life – to be a stay at home mom, to be a typical housewife with probably a small business or online store. Maybe someday.

Second, we are still in the process of transferring my sponsorship from my father to my husband. And then we also have to process baby Lucio’s residence permit. This part is still vague as we don’t have any control of the mood swings of the immigration officer. Hopefully, everything goes well and may the odds be in our favor. (Wait, isn’t that a line from a movie?)

Third, I am excited as much as Laviel is with Lucio growing up. Right now, he’s still too young to play with. Most of the time he’s just crying, feeding, sleeping, and pooping. On good days, we get to experience at least 30 minutes of cooing, looking and just kicking. Of course we also have to plan for his baptismal which we would like to spend back home with Laviel’s family. And before 2014 ends, we’d be celebrating his 1st birthday. Time flies indeed.

There’s so much uncertainty and mystery as the coming year unfolds and this just makes it more exciting. I don’t have any resolution in mind as of now. I guess I’m just too preoccupied with taking care of our baby the best possible way I can.

As we welcome the new year, let’s all be thankful for the year that had past. Despite the tragedies, the failures, the heartaches that we might have experienced, let’s be positive and look forward to starting 2014 the right way.

So, from our family to yours…
Happy New Year everyone!

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