A Simple Second Year

Well it has been quite sometime since I posted anything here. I have been preoccupied with so many things that I barely had any chance to open my laptop to even just browse. Now that I have some free time (read: baby boy sleeping) I decided to take the opportunity to share with you how our 2nd year was spent.

If you would recall, I had 4 options and honestly I was leaning towards option A for the reason being it was the easiest. But in my heart I know that I would enjoy more with option D. So, which did you think I ended up doing?

I chose option D. I am a very sentimental person-slash-hopeless romantic. I believe that I was born a homemaker and I am naturally a nurturer. I chose option D because I want to exert effort and serve my husband and son the best way I can. Since our anniversary fell on a Monday, I filed for 1 day leave just a day before. I stayed at home with my little boy and cooked menudo for lunch for hubby. It was a bit of a struggle because we still didn’t have a nanny so I had to cook and watch out for the little boy at the same time. He also became fussy sometime during the afternoon so I had to let him sleep. By the time hubby came home, lunch was ready. My menudo wasn’t perfect (added too much tomato paste) but it was good enough for lunch. For dinner, we decided to go out just the three of us. We had dinner at T.G.I Fridays and hubby bought me new specs which I had been requesting for sometime.

I didn’t really do much but I enjoyed being a stay-at-home-wife and mom for a day. I decided not to be elaborate this time but I hope the simple effort I exerted was appreciated. Quality time with family will always be top choice.

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