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So, I have been reading about this certain play place for kids in N@wies group in Facebook and was excited when I found out a branch recently opened in SM Masinag – the closest to our home. After my grandmother’s funeral, we had a few days to do other things before heading back to Doha. And visiting Kidzoona was one. When we had the chance to visit the mall, I took Lucio at the play place while my parents did the grocery and hubby played arcade.

At the reception, we were asked to fill up a form to which we write the child’s name and age, guardian’s name, contact number etc. Then, you get to choose if you would like to play for 1 hour or 3 hours. An hour’s play will cost you P200 and 3 hours costs P400. One (1) guardian is free of charge. Additional guardian will cost you P100 per head. (Note: during opening of Kidzoona, 1 hour was only P1!) Socks are required and if you are not wearing any (like my son and myself), you can buy them for P50 (adult) and P30 (child) each.

They register you in their system and will give you 2 locker numbers: one (with a key) where you keep your bag and what-nots and the other (without key) to store/keep your shoes in. Strollers are also kept within the locker area in case you come in one.

The place is very spacious. Located at the front is the fire station and fire truck for pretend play. A pair of fireman suit and hat is available for kids to wear. Inside the fire station, there is a mirror and a pole for the kids to slide down from.

kidzoona_1 kidzoona_2

The fire truck has buttons that make different sounds such as honking horns and emergency sirens.

Just past the fire station and truck are the different stalls for pretend play. There is a flower stall, a burger joint, ice cream stall, a bakery, a vegetable and fruit stall, a hospital and a sushi bar. Each stall has a pair of costume for kids to wear and toys/items corresponding to each theme.

kidzoona_3 kidzoona_4

Opposite the stalls is a sort of bubble tube/wheel that kids can get into and roll around in. Not suitable for younger children though but looks really fun! (Wished I can play in it!)


Further inside the play place is an open area where small cars and trucks are parked which kids can ride and play with. On the opposite side is the puzzle area where several buckets of different puzzles are stored which children can play with on the available tables. There is also a wooden train toy in the middle and other wooden toys (doll house, xylophone, etc.) around the area.

kidzoona_6 kidzoona_7 kidzoona_8 kidzoona_9 kidzoona_11

Finally, at the end of the play place is the balls pool. I have never seen this much of plastic toy balls ever! In the middle of the balls pool is a big slide and climbing area while at the back is an inflatable castle/slide. Lucio is still too small to climb the slides but I did help him slide from the side of the inflatable one. And I let him get submerged in the pool of balls.

kidzoona_12 kidzoona_13 kidzoona_14

Our 1 hour play at Kidzoona was so fun that the following day, I let hubby take Lucio back there. Too bad the little guy wasn’t in the mood because he didn’t have enough sleep and probably was hungry. But definitely we’re going back again when we go next month for our scheduled vacation.

SM City Masinag
Brgy. Mayamot, Marcos Highway
Antipolo City

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  1. Jae says:

    Waaah! Anlaki na ni Lucio! Paano?!

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