A Day at Barzan Olympic Park


One Saturday afternoon, I wanted to go to the mall to (alright, I confess!) shop. But City Center Doha was too crowded because payday coincided with the summer sales across the mall. So even before getting inside the mall parking, Laviel asked me if there is any other place we can go to. He wanted to go somewhere far, somewhere we haven’t been to. I couldn’t think of any other mall so I thought of going to the park instead. Then I remembered a colleague mentioning the Barzan Family Park. I searched the location on my mobile while hubby drove. According to Google Maps, it is located along Al-Shamal road on the south bound lane. Upon reaching the place, I realized I have been in the area during our Corporate Social Responsibility activity a few years back. But we didn’t see the park area, we only went inside the Youth Camp.

Barzan Olympic Park is a decent sized park and entrance fee is Qr.10 per head (adult). Small children are free of charge. There is train that goes around the park and families can ride for Qr.5 per head (adult). Again, small children are free of charge. Ate Ana and I rode the train with Lucio and he didn’t want to get off! Luckily, the person in charge was a Filipino and kind enough to let the two ride the train again for free.

There is also a spacious play area with climbing structures and slide for small kids. Further at the back, there is a small biking area and a biking track. You can rent the bike and ride around the track, but since we didn’t try this I am not aware of the fee.

There is also a snack store, Baskin & Robbins, and Dunkin Donuts. As you enter the park, to your right is a water fountain where kids are allowed to play and get wet. At the right side of the park, there also seems to be a stable where a pony/horse is kept but during our visit there was none.

We didn’t stay for too long since we got there late and it got dark already. But we liked the place because it wasn’t too crowded and the park is well maintained. We might visit the park again soon to let Lucio play in the fountain too.

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