Friday’s 10 Happy Things

Photo by: Sarah Machtsachen

This is something I would like to start (and sustain weekly) from now on. I know it’s a Saturday but I am so free right now that I taking full advantage of this moment.

  1. 2-day work week. Since Eid Al-Adha holiday took most of the days from last week, we only went to work for 2 days, Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Coloring books! Yes, I’ve joined the bandwagon of adult coloring-slash-stress relieving coloring what-not. And I purchased a few books from a co-worker who posted for sale famous coloring books in our miscellaneous folder. Yayy!
  3. Fun City fun! We played the gift grabbing crane at the indoor amusement park yesterday and won the following: 2 stuffed toys, 3 balls, and a huge lollipop.
  4. Link up! I asked my buddy Jae (of how the link up works and finally trying it out. Whoopee! Major thank you, Pardz!
  5. A day at the beach. On Monday, the family (well, except my dad) went to the Wakra Families Beach. Despite spending a mere two and a half hours only, it was an adventure and we had lots of fun.
  6. Alden and Maine. Cheesy, corny and whatever but yeah, their segment gives me good happy vibes and makes me laugh! And the lolas! Oh wow, applause to you three!
  7. Brazilian mangoes. I discovered that there are these Brazilian mango being sold in the supermarket that tastes like the indian mangoes back home. Happiness!
  8. Banana cake. I haven’t baked for a long time and was happy that I was able to bake a good banana cake this week. Yum!
  9. 17th week! I am showing off a 17-week old bump now. Time flies and I am growing!
  10. Weekend! Well spent with family, specially with our ever so active toddler.
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  1. Jae says:

    Woop! No worries, Pardz! Now you know how to link up! 😉

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