Our Love Grows

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Turning Three

On September 8th, we celebrated our third year wedding anniversary. How time flies! Unlike our first and second year, I didn’t plan anything extravagant this time. But I did get him a gift. He got me flowers and my favorite chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, too! As usual, I went on leave for our anniversary but instead of preparing at home, I had to come by the office during lunch time for a surprise farewell gathering for one of our colleague who also happens to be Lucio’s godmother. Later that evening, my husband and I decided to watch a movie. Hurrah for movie date! Luckily, Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation was still being played at the cinema so we were determined to go. Our anniversary day ended with a good night kiss at home. Sweet and simple, our quality time together beats any other material gift.

Turning Four

During our one month vacation in the Philippines, I fell sick with cough and fever. I never really recovered until we got back here in Doha. During our visit at Lucio’s godmother’s home in Batangas, I didn’t have any appetite as I was having an on-and-off fever. I remember how badly I wanted to eat the barbecued pork and chicken but I couldn’t convince my body to have a bite. I never really thought about it too much but I had this feeling something was happening with my body. After almost a month of cough and a few days of fever, I decided to visit the clinic to have my self checked. And upon registration, the lady asked if I was pregnant, I answered “I am not sure”. And she hesitated when she heard my answer and noted it down while asking me how many days am I delayed. I was only 4 days late so the thought of being pregnant hasn’t crossed my mind. After considering the possibility and analyzing the symptoms, I finally decided to take the test. Voila! Result came out positive! To be honest, I was not really sure how to react when I first saw the result. So I took another 2 more tests. All came out in clear pink lines as if shouting “YES! YOU ARE PREGNANT!” By the way, this was 2 days before our flight back to Doha. I told my husband to keep it a secret for the meantime until I get checked by the doctor which I planned to do as soon as we got back in Doha. I had told my best friend sometime after we got back from vacation, and my high school buddies go to know the news during one of our coffee meet up. Sometime in mid August, my husband finally told my mother-in-law that were are having another baby and she probably cascaded the information to my sister-in-law. I was only able to tell my parents, finally, after my 12th week scan. Slowly, news of our blessing were shared with colleagues and friends. We are happy to finally announce that our family is expecting another addition by first quarter of 2016. Though this was not planned, we are truly happy that we are blessed with another child. Our family is growing, from three we are now going to be four. We are excited for 2016!


After finding out we were pregnant, I realized how blessed our family is. Not that I am not thankful for every waking day, but I consider this the best (post) birthday and (pre) anniversary gift ever. For some reason, I have always been doubtful of my capacity to bear a child and now I realize how easy it is for me to get knocked up. LOL. Kidding. I don’t know if it’s just me or my hormones, but I feel extremely wonderful.

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