Friday’s 10 Happy Things – W2

Photo by: Rodion Kutsaev

What made me happy this past week?

  1. Filed Maternity Notification with SSS. Got the time to visit the SSS office at POLO OWWA (Philippine Overseas Labor Office – Overseas Workers’ Welfare Association) and filed my maternity notification. I have to return 2 other forms though; to update my status to married status and to update my dependents. Oh, grown up stuff.
  2. Boodle fight! Cousin Ryan celebrated his 25th birthday on Monday and treated us to a boodle fight dinner at Kamayan restaurant. It was fun and (stomach) filling!
  3. Office furniture rearranged. With the help of friends, we finally got to reposition my office table and shelving unit last week. Just in time before the new PC arrived.
  4. New office PC. Finally got my new office PC: an all-in-one Dell PC. Yayy!
  5. Cooking. Yes, I enjoy working in the kitchen. Although it means less time spent with the little boy but I consider kitchen time my “me time”.
  6. GAP for winter season. Lucky we passed by GAP on Friday; they had special discounts on selected items particularly on kids’ clothing. Got myself a hoodie for winter and Lucio a hoodie and a varsity jacket. Of course I got hubby a shirt, as usual.
  7. Curtis’ 1st birthday celebration. We attended Curtis Eli’s 1st birthday celebration with the theme of Mickey Mouse. We certainly had fun and I personally enjoyed the magic show.
  8. Thursday night camping! Amazingly, we stayed at home on Thursday night. I didn’t find the energy to go anywhere so we stayed in and bonded with the little boy. And because we stayed at home on Thursday, Lav thought of rebuilding his makeshift tent for Lucio. This time he built a sturdy tent where we actually slept in that night. It was so much fun camping indoors. Lucio even had a good night sleep!
  9. Sick no more. I fell sick with cold and cough last weekend which for a few days but magically disappeared during the weekend. Great timing!
  10. Baby’s heartbeat! I had my doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and she used the doppler to listen to baby’s heartbeat. It took her sometime to find it.. Which made me feel nervous! I felt my ears and my face getting flushed as she slid the doppler on my tummy trying to find the heartbeat. And then it was there! Relief!
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