A Mom and A Wife

I am a mom. I am a wife.

Lucio was sick earlier this week. He was having fever as high as 39C. This started on Wednesday night and went on until Monday early morning. I had been sleeping less and waking up in the middle if the night to nurse him and cool down his temperature. In the morning, when he is fine, there is extra effort to convince him to eat a full meal. When his temperature starts rising in that evening, the endless nursing, crying, persuasion to drink his medicine and cooling down his temperature starts. On Sunday morning, we finally took him to the doctor because I figured his fever might be caused by an infection of some sort. As what I thought, he has a throat infection according to the doctor.he has been prescribed with meds for cough, cold and fever plus antibiotic for the infection. Aside from his meds, I will be trying out some home remedies I learned from Clarice to aid his process of recuperation.

I am currently carrying a 19 week old little person in my belly. This lack of sleep and carrying my toddler gets me worried sometimes. I don’t want to be sick and I don’t want to be taking meds unnecessarily. I try to take as much rest as I can and do my best to eat well. I am aiming for a healthier pregnancy this time, meaning less sugar, less body stress or strain and fewer movements, if possible. I hope to be able to deliver normally and naturally.

My husband has been complaining of back pain since Friday night, after his first tennis tournament. I told him I would put some pain relieving gel on his back but I haven’t been able to. He has been a great help with taking care of Lucio for the past few days although of course he wouldn’t budge at night when he’s asleep. I don’t bother to wake him up either because he has been having difficulty sleeping lately so I leave him in his sleep while I manage to nurse Lucio.

I am a mom. I am a wife. These two roles are the most important roles that I play right now. They are the most tiring and yet the most fulfilling jobs ever. No, I am not complaining. In fact, I am happy that I can be these two. I don’t want to be pretentious and hypocrite. I just want to be real and say that I do get tired at times and would like a breather once in a while. A five-minute break, a good warm bath, or maybe just an hour of ‘me’ time would be nice to avoid burning out. I know, moms and wives out there understand how it feels.

Edited to add: Things have been improving lately as Lucio’s fever free for two days now. Also, I was able to finally apply the pain relieving gel on my husband’s back on Monday before his tennis practice. Whew.

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