Friday’s 10 Happy Things – W3

Photo by: Dustin Lee

I know, I’m so late. So here goes.

  1. Completed challenge #3. My Color It N@W Facebook group has a weekly challenge posted every Monday. I usually rush to finish the weekly challenge before the next one is posted but this time I was able to finish the challenge a few days ahead of time. Yay!
  2. McDonald’s create your own burger. We visited the newly opened McDonald’s on the ground floor of the city center mall on Monday. This is the first branch here in Doha to have a create-your-own-burger facility. It was fun choosing my own sauces, buns, and what-nots. But yeah, I shouldn’t really be eating this junk food.
  3. Helped a friend. It makes me happy to just simply help a friend sort out stuff needed for her daughter’s first birthday. I took her to Souq Waqif and showed her where good as can be bought and where you can actually slightly the price.
  4. Kuya Zed’s birthday. It was his birthday last Tuesday and together with tita Jenny and Ate Joy, we got him a nice sweatshirt from Monoprix. He then joined us for lunch and treated us with ice cream.
  5. Winter clothes from Monoprix. There were items at Monoprix that were discounted and I found this one trench coat and knitted dress perfect for my growing belly this coming winter. I am excited to wear them!
  6. Nando’s chicken liver. As far as I know, i shouldn’t be eating liver. But I just couldn’t help it and I promise I won’t eat it again until after I give birth.
  7. Surprise appearance. We planned to surprise Kuya Zed with a simple appearance at their home with pot luck food on Thursday night. While he planned for a boys’ night out celebration, he didn’t know that we the ladies/wives, would be there too. We brought pansit bihon, fried chicken and leche flan for dinner.
  8. Laviel’s first tennis tournament. What he thought was practice play or try outs became hisfirst  tournament experience. I was not able to come with him because Lucio was sick, but whentita Emma called me to say he’s been asked to play, I was so excited, happy and proud of him.
  9. 7:00PM bedtime for Lucio. Because he’s been sick since Wednesday night, we were left in the house with Ate Ana while the boys went to work (Ryan), drinks (Dad), and tennis (Laviel). He woke up late on Friday so I decided not to give him naptime late in the afternoon. He slept around 7:00PM (6:58PM to be exact) and woke up at 11:00AM the following morning (with intervals in between). I was so happy that he went to bed earlier than usual.
  10. Baked banana cupcakes. I finally got to use the muffin/cupcake tins I bought that actually fit our tiny oven!
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