Friday’s 10 Happy Things – W4


Days and weeks are flying by so fast, I can’t believe I’m already on my 4th week of Friday Happy things!

  1. Doha Mums Autumn Market. Their market was supposed to take place earlier this year (month of May) which was delayed due to permits not being granted on time so instead they made the market this month and called in Autumn Market. I have been looking forward to this affair since I know that there would be interesting vendors joining the event. I did find a few good items and would definitely attend their next organized event. 

  2. Julianna’s 1st birthday. Remember the friend I helped the previous week in sourcing out stuff for her daughter’s first birthday? Well, this is her. Too bad Lucio couldn’t join us because he still had fever then, but we enjoyed the simple celebration of Yanna’s birthday. 

  3. DIY photo booth. Aside from helping my friend source out party stuff, I also offered that we set up our photo booth so that they wouldn’t have to hire one. Laviel and I were challenged where to place the photo booth in Burger King, but settled in one corner of the n2nd floor party area. Guests enjoyed the simple setup and so did we!

  4. Garlic poultice. I mentioned in my previous post that I would try the home remedies that Clarice shared on her blog to aid Lucio’s healing and recovery. With the help of Ate Ana, we applied the garlic poultice on Lucio’s feet (covered with socks) on Sunday night before going to bed.

  5. No more fever and no fever meds! Although I woke up in the middle of the night to sponge bathed Lucio, his fever didn’t go beyond 38C. I decided to avoid the fever medicine and persevered in sponge bathing him until his temperature came down to normal. I had less sleep that night but by next day his fever finally broke and never returned. Wee!

  6. A night spent in the park. On Wednesday night, since we had nothing to do at home and Lucio was feeling better, Laviel suggested we go to the park. We went to the park near the Sheraton Hotel and spent some time just trying to fly our remote controlled helicopter and the kite that I bought from the guy selling them in the park. And we just let Lucio run around and get a breath of fresh air. 

  7. Ultrasound at 19 weeks! Yes, we got to see again the little human growing inside of me last Thursday. I really love Dr. Sneha Patel of Al-Ahli Hospital. She is very friendly and explains everything to you. Everything is normal, thank God. And although she gave us an idea of what the gender might be, I still have my doubts. I just hope that he/she opens up his/her legs next time and show us clearly what needs to be seen! 

  8. Brownies and baked macaroni. My beautiful cousin got me some brownies from her officemate last weekend. They are so yummy that I’m asking here to order another batch for me to share to my colleagues here in the office. And because I was thinking of what to have for snack which would be great with brownies, I decided to cook baked macaroni. I made the white cheesy sauce this time and happy that I was successful (love your own).

  9. Activity for Lucio. And because I wanted to divert Lucio’s attention from the TV and Play Station that his dad is playing with, I made a simple activity for him on Friday night. I found some ideas on Facebook a few days back and there was this color sorting activity made from paper bag and art paper. I quickly made 4 color monsters (as what I called them) got some Lego pieces and together with Lucio, we played the color sorting game. 

  10. Lucio at 23 months! Our little boy turned 24 months on Friday! Next month we will have ourselves a two-year old toddler at home. Things will definitely be more challenging with a very active toddler and at the same time it would be more fun. Time flies!

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  1. Jae says:

    Has it really been two years since you had Lucio?? Time flies, indeed! 😮

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