That Sweet Little Boy

baby foot_Fotor

At around 1:00AM today, I finally got the chance to hug L while sleeping. It has been a challenge to do this specially when baby H frequently wakes up to feed. But this morning was lovely–upon hugging L from behind, he turned his head towards me and mumbled ‘hmm‘. I thought,  ‘he must be dreaming‘. But when I looked down on his face, his lips were pouted as if asking for a kiss. So I kissed him on the forehead. But he mumbled again and tilted his head up with his lips pouted and directed towards my face. So I kissed him on the lips. And he too made a smooching sound. After that, I moved to hug him again but he turned his head and gave a kiss on the cheek. My heart just melted.

I must’ve hugged him for an hour or so (maybe less, I’m not sure as I fell asleep) before being awakened by baby H. It was short but very very sweet.

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